House Cleaning Services in London

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Hey you! We know that you are hard working man or woman with a little free time. Today we want to point you in the direction of how to have a little bit more free time and be way more efficient for a small amount of money. If you are not interested in this topic of providing some free time for you and your closest ones, life family, friends, kids, then this article is just for you.

First of all the author of this article was just like you all, no time at all, living in the busiest city in Europe – London. I work like 8 hours, standard 9 to 5, and hour, hour and a half traveling from point A to point B it was big nightmare. But the biggest aspect of this nightmare that I have lived on for many years was that i am cleaning freak – I want everything to be cleaned and in order. So for year or two I clean myself the whole apartment, but when with my husband decided that we will get a house I said no more cleaning for me, this house is like 2 apartments in one, no way…

What to do? – We research for the best house cleaning services company that provide a lot of services to their customers, as you may think we stumble upon a disaster customer service and cleaning experience for the first 2-3 times. Then a friend of ours refer us to VIP Cleaning London, we are quite skeptical (and why shouldn’t we?)  We call them and … magic happened all was good, the service was good, the cleaning aspect of the service was quite nice, they use high end cleaning products and they were very careful with our belongings.  From that day on we use their services every week (sometimes more offten)

This week we will go on a vacation in Sozopol Bulgaria (did you know this place? – give us a feedback in the comments please!) And will do a full house cleaning (oven, carpet, clean it all!).

These services saved me hours of frustration cleaning the house and yes we are sure that the price is not for everyone, but still, can you put price on the free time, spend with your kids?

Thanks for reading, please tell us you opinion about Sozopol and VIP Cleaning London company (if you are using it currently)

After Party Cleaners London

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Hey party lovers! We all know that organizing a party is a quite a adventure itself and you want only the best for your party guests. So you give your heart and soul for this particular party (maybe is a birthday or name day the occasion) and you did it, the fun was great, you charm all the guests, the food and drinks were amazing, but… now you came to realize that you have to clean the whole party mess. This article is for that particular moment, when you know that you need professional after party cleaners to do the job.

As stressful as organization was on your party, the real frustration comes when you need to clean the entire house or apartment of the mess – stains on the floor, the bathroom is disgusting we will not mention that the kitchen and carpets situation are for sure critical.

Call VIP Cleaning London for assistance, you do not deserve that. What is the point of having great time at the party, when you are left alone to deal with cleaning after? This company has years of experience of cleaning party mess like that, probably they have seen worst, you will be surprised to find that they are extremely fast and efficient. VIP Cleaning London will be in and out of your house or apartment within hours and you can spend that free time (yes, you do not need to be there, while the cleaning process is dealt with). Good option is to schedule coffee meting with you friends to discuss the party and its highlight moments  – this is a lot of fun and usually you miss it, because you have to clean.

When you hire these professionals and you are satisfied with the results, you can use them for other emergency situations like that one. They have amazing end of tenancy cleaning service (you are not probably in your own home or house in London) to retain your deposit money.

So in conclusion – have fun, that is why you are young and you have freedom to do as you want. If you need some cleaning help with the oven, carpet or your party that just ended, give VIP Cleaning London a call.

All best, MyBrum Blog Cleaning Experts.

Customized Paper and Plastic cups by Brendos

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We all use paper and plastic cups in our modern time. We use it for party, for coffee and tea (vending machines) and a lot of other places. So these kinds of cups are used every day by millions of people worldwide, right? If so, why not brand them and promote via them our projects and business? Even so, the vending companies (some of them huge with thousands of vending machines) are still using unbranded cups. Is that not a great opportunity for brand growing and brand awareness? In this article we try to cover this opportunity for you via our friends and partners, so let’s begin…

We strongly recommend looking for customized cups at Brendos.EU. They are highly efficient and effective. They will help you along the way – they will discuss with you your idea, give you feedback, then will make you beautiful design for plastic or paper cups, if you approve their design they will point you in touch with the right manufacturer that will make your cups cheap and good quality (and quantity). As we said they are pretty good partners in advertising and promotion, so stay in touch with them.

Customized cups are very good for advertising projects and business close to beverage and alcohol or caffeinated drinks. If you have a network of vending machines it is good opportunity for you to make extra money with partners of marketing agencies and their clients.  These is great idea for them and for you, execute it fast, so you can profit, till someone comes along and try to compete with you.

In conclusion we strongly recommend contact and start planning your next big thing in your campaign – customized cups (plastic or paper). We also recommend mixing this strategy for branding with Google and Facebook ads or even TV and radio ads, if you want an extra push in this direction.

Time is money and money is time so do not waste it, call them today and start your next big idea with this strategy.

Thanks for reading this article, our readers are the most important thing in our little blog, so if you have some ideas or something to add, or even if you disagree with us, leave a comment.

All best!

Looking for a reliable company to clean your yard, call VIP Cleaning London!

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To live in a house is wonderful, because we have lots of space inside our home and in front of it. We can make the yard available beautiful and a perfect place where to relax and to invite our friends as well. We can do many things outdoor, as in the same time to enjoy the lovely garden we have created for us and our family. To have a big house, or a smaller one, is a much better option than to live close together with the other members of the family. And that’s the point when buying a house – to feel comfortable and not to wonder where to go to stay alone with us for a while…

patio cleaning london

But do you know that the ownership of such a property requires a serious maintenance? – All the time and every single day! For example, you should clean regularly your yard, or the space in front of the door. In generally, you have two options at your disposal: to hire a cleaning company, or to clean daily your property by yourself. The first option sounds better, just because you will not be forced to grab the broom in order to remove the junk. Or to wonder how many buckets of water to pour to wash the tiles – whatever they are!

See cleaning services For London Click here and hire a professional team to clean your yard properly. Before calling such a company, make sure that in the yard there are not odds and ends and the terrain is clear. When the team is on site, they will not be able to remove the garbage. You must take care of this, so that to make the cleaning procedure easier and faster for implementation. If you skip this important detail and leave your yard in a miserable condition, do not expect great results, neither perfect ones. Think about this very carefully…

VIP Cleaning London can provide you with very good patio cleaning offer. In case you are looking for such services and for a long time you do not know how to proceed with your dirty yard, call them. Summer is an excellent reason to clean your yard to shine, as well as to make it a perfect beginning of your home. If you keep on the impressing home vision and are ready to do everything to achieve it, do not forget to clean inside and outside your house. With VIP Cleaning London!

Carpet cleaning? So easy!

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Do you love carpets? We think that they are beautiful, fluffy and giving a special energy in every home. We also think that without a carpet, every home is not as cozy as if the premises are covered with nice floorings. But how do you think – is it possible to enjoy pleasant place for habitation when the carpet is missing?


Of course, you may think that with or without a carpet, your home will always be your sweet home and nothing can change this… In both cases, you will live there and will feel excellent – do you have another choice? But to be honest, not the carpet makes our relaxation for being fulfilling. People we live together with are the main factor how we feel when at home!

Let’s say that you have several carpets in your home, love them and definitely are not ready to part with them soon… And you do not have to! The only thing you should do in order to enjoy them longer is to clean them regularly, thoroughly and why not even professionally? If you often rely on the last one, perhaps you’re a proud owner of perfectly maintained carpets and rugs? Do you use a carpet cleaning company london? Because we do and know what benefits this is giving us!

Well, to trust a cleaning company is a very good solution, especially when you have no time to clean like crazy every time when you notice that on the carpet there are many new spots! The moment of this “discovery” is very unpleasant, right? What is your first thought when you see dirt on your favorite carpet? To clean it immediately with materials at hand or to wait a little more until the professional cleaners come!

If your carpet or rug are expensive and you have spent lots of money to have them in your home, then forget about the single-handed cleaning and call cleaning company. Really, this is the best decision for you to make. Thus, you do not risk damaging the flooring, as the results will be exactly what you have always expected. – Good and even perfect!

Why you have to clean the carpet by yourself when there are so many good cleaning companies at your disposal? It will be a real madness if you start washing the carpets one by one… Just image this tragic scene and will agree that cleaning of the carpet is a job for the professionals. Just call them!

How to search names on the Internet?

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Names – they are everywhere. We meet them on the Internet, on business cards, in our phonebook and somewhere in our minds… Sometimes, we forget what the first or the last name of someone was and are trying to remember it at the top of our strength. – But unsuccessful!

In this case, we have two options: or to view all the notes where we’ve wrote our contacts in the past, or to hope to remember the name we are looking for. More often, the last one doesn’t work and we must find another way to get the contact we need.

name search

The standard procedure is to check in Facebook first, then in Google, Twitter and so on and so on. How do you think: whether all this will work? How many times you have found successful some person only by searching in the popular social media? For example, if you have a friend from the past named James, you can find hundreds of people with that name in Facebook. But which of them all is your friend? Probably you even do not remember his face…? is the web site that will help you find the people you are looking for. No matter whether these people are your distant acquaintances, or close friends from whom your life has moved you away, Checkthem is the best way for you to update the contacts with them and to enjoy the fastest Name search ever! By typing the name of the person you would like to find, or to get more information for him, you can see his address and even heritage too. The entire database for someone has never been easier to find with, so do not waste any more time and get in touch with both your friends and relatives you are looking for so long!

It’s great when we can achieve our goals – whatever they are. And when we more than everything want to hear and see someone, are ready for everything just to get in touch with him again! We even agree to travel thousands of kilometers in order to cop a sight of someone, but without having a clear idea of exactly where we are going… Not always the address is the same and there is no guarantee that the “wanted” person will be there as well. Do not travel long distances in vain and visit first. There you will find up-to-date information for millions of people, some of them you may know…

What are the European top destinations?

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Europe is the most visited destination all over the world. – But why? Why so many people choose the Old continent for their summer or winter vacations? Isn’t easier for the people who leave in the U.S. or even further just to visit some different and unknown state where to enjoy a pleasant time with the family? Why they have to tramp to such distant destination just for a week? – Is it worth it?

What a stupid question? – This is what we would say regarding the last one… Because Europe is gorgeous and there are located many wonderful countries that can make your family holiday unforgettable. And because we love to travel long – even that may takes lots of time! But does it really matter when we will see so much beauty. Has it a price?

Croatia – top destination is the first land we are thinking of when it comes to European vacations. This place can be ranked as the perfect option for all the traveling parents who are wondering where to take their children and how to make them happy. In the same time, this country is very cheap and in comparison with some other holiday destination outside the old continent, Croatia is quite budget-friendly destination!

the city of dubrovnik

If we have to recommend you where exactly to go when in Croatia and what sights to see as well, we can tell you interesting stories till the morning… As we told you, this land is rich of numerus magical places that not only worth visiting, but even is a must you to touch them! Try to see as many as possible cities in Croatia. Every of the towns within this beautiful land is memorable and strongly inspiring its visitors. You can go whenever it is, but the amazing energy around you will never leave you! Enjoy it!

Both the city of Dubrovnik and the Plitvice lakes National Park are the most attractive and visited places when it comes to holidays in Croatia. Make some try to visit both of them, as during your stay there take lots of photos! The beauty you will see, the people you will meet will make your vacation a real pleasure, as the inspiration you will get is indescribable… But you will make sure for yourself what it is about – when you go there and when you see the country of Croatia with your own eyes!

And one more thing – Split, Pula and Hvar are also places you have to see! Be sure that there you will be able to spend the same amazing vacation as if you go to Dubrovnik. Do not hesitate at all!

We are going to pay a little more attention to the city we have mentioned several times above. Of course, this is no other but Croatia Dubrovnik destination – the pearl of the Adriatic! – Our favorite town and not only for us. Millions of holidaymakers choose this place for their summer vacations, because of the amazing beach and scoring sun. Because of the abounding romance, friendly people and low prices as well. Because of the incredible energy…

We fully understand these people and just like them are completely convinced that the city of Dubrovnik is the ideal place for every family vacation. Since there are many reasons why you should go there at least in the next year, we decide to write this article. We want you to see that we have saw and to feel that we have felt. We also need to share with your our experience and impressions about Dubrovnik, as the first one of them is the city fortress walls – the most incredible sight of this ancient town! You have to start your city tour from there, as while walking don’t forget to take photos of the Adriatic. We know that you will remain breathless but try to focus and to capture every moment as well!

We recommend you to take some time and to go the main/central street of Stradun – famous as the marble street! Have a nice walk and enjoy the buildings around you. Do not hurry and see everything that is surrounding you – it is really amazing!

beach in bulgaria

If you have already been in Croatia, several times and even you go there every year, why you do not visit the country of Bulgaria? The land of roses is on the top of the list for so many people, as hardly there is someone who doesn’t know about this picturesque place! There you can go during the summer, when outside is a snowy winter and during the autumn – very suitable season for holidays. Since this place has many wonderful resorts (summer and winter), people from the next countries skip to Bulgaria for the weekend… The holidaymakers from UK or Ireland also choose this country when it is summer and they want to enjoy the beach!

See in BH more travel deals!

We can list all the sea or ski resorts in Bulgaria but have no time enough. Today we want to shortly present you the most visited European destinations without going into too many details…

In generally, Bulgaria is proud with three highly-developed winter resorts (Pamporovo, Bansko and Borovets) and little bit more summer ones. All they offer excellent conditions for the families with kids who are looking for calmness and lots of relaxation. In the same time they offer great opportunities for having fun you can enjoy even after the sun goes down… Yes, we mean the night life and the night clubs that everybody loves!

Bulgarian resorts are very cheap and family-friendly. Whenever you go in this land will enjoy amazing adventure and millions of positive moments. We advise you to go to some of the Bulgarian mountains where you can see many Natural treasures, many fairy villages that seem to belong to another world and wonderful nature. Places in Europe where you can see all that are just a few, so to miss the chance to visit Bulgaria now or during the autumn will be a real madness!

Enjoy Europe and visit some of the countries we have recommended you – Bulgaria or Croatia. We guarantee that you will have a perfect stay!

Holidays in July – why not in Bulgaria?

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Tomorrow is 1st of July! Finally we can say that it is already at the height of the summer season and that’s great! We can do many interesting things during this time of year, so that to spend an amazing vacation at the sea… We are also able to visit many beautiful destinations where to enjoy the beach and to collect numerous unforgettable emotions as well!

Europe is perfect for you to go to a summer holiday. There are many lovely lands as one of the best for summer getaways is the magnificent Bulgaria… This beautiful country is very popular and more than perfect when it comes down to family vacations! If you love the sea, but together with that love the mountain and it’s a huge pleasure for you to sightseeing, Bulgaria is your place! Go there as soon as possible and enjoy its beauty…

Next month is the time when all people go somewhere to spend their yearly summer vacations. July is long awaited because during this month most people pack up and hit the road to some lovely sea destination – to find coolness and to relax among powerful ambience…

If you attend to go on a holiday next month, but for some strange reason you have not yet found your destination where to stay, have in mind that the country of Bulgaria can be your salvation from the heat… There are lots of attractive sea resorts that are not only very cheap, but incredible too. Hardy you will be able to find such conditions to such a price. Hardly you can go somewhere where everything is perfect and you just have to pay a symbolic price… Do you know such a place?

Most famous summer resorts in Bulgaria that thousands of tourists visit every single year are: Sunny Beach (the hottest spot in the country), Nessebar (Romance, romance, romance!), Golden Sands (a combination between picturesque nature and wonderful sea), Sozopol (antiquity and beauty in one place) and so on. And that is just a small part of all the places you can visit in Bulgaria… If you want to go to the mountain, have in mind that Bulgaria is rich in beautiful nature and lovely resorts located among a plenty of greenery!

Finally, we would like to say that the country of Bulgaria is really majestic place that definitely worth visiting… Every your day will be filled with lots of pleasant emotions, as all the time you will be able to see interesting and impressing sights! Enjoy them!

Go to Golden Sands, Bulgaria and see the world with different eyes!

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If you love the gold, surely you will fall in love with Golden Sands, Bulgaria on first sight… This place is like a real oasis in the middle of nowhere because of its picturesque nature, nice beach and kind people! Of course the last one was only a comparison, that we used to describe what an amazing place is the summer resort of Golden Sand! So, do not think that it is located in the desert, neither in some dense forest where you cannot see any people…

The amazing resort of Golden Sands is located along the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and is one of the most popular, visited and preferred sea destination in this country. There you can find great conditions for recreation, having fun and beaching, as the prices are not only low, but even extremely low (nowhere else in Europe you couldn’t find such prices)! And if at this point you are looking for a summer destination, that to visit during your leave, this article may help you find it – this place can be Golden Sands…

Golden Sands Holiday

Golden Sands is different than the other sea resorts in Bulgaria and along the Black Sea coast due to several reasons: location, prices, family-friendly conditions, many entertainments and amazing nature! Yes, it may sounds too good to be true, but it is and if you want to make sure – just go to Golden Sands this summer and see that such fairy places really exist!

The best time to go to Golden Sands is now – the summer season… Still, it is a sea destination and all holidaymakers go there when outside is hot and when they are able to enjoy the beach. Except this, you can go there with you kids because in the resort there are many entertainments for them, so that they to have lots of fun and to spend numerous exciting moments as well.

Golden Sands is one of these places that worth visiting even several times – every summer, or why not several times per season…! The choice is yours :). And when speaking about this amazing summer destination, we must mention the lovely Natural park of Golden Sands – a protected territory by the low of Bulgaria that is actually the biggest attraction in this area. You will have the chance to enjoy not only the beautiful Black Sea, but picturesque and very impressing forest. So, what are you waiting for – Golden Sands is just for you! Go there and enjoy it!

Cross the border with NEXUS!

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Everyone talks about the modern ways of traveling: nice cars, direct flights, transfers, luxury boats and so on… But most people forget about some very important detail during their trips – the border’s crossing! And even if they use the modern ways of traveling we have mentioned above, without fast crossing the border (passing the customs check), they wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy their trips and time with the family or friends as well! – Yes, it sounds a little bit pessimistic, but this is the true and you have to be aware that it is not enough you to only have a luxury car to travel really pleasant. You need something else – a NEXUS pass-card

Travels between Canada and the U.S. are very, very popular because of the locations of these gorgeous countries. As you know, they are quite close to each other and because of this, to get there for you will be very easy task. – Unless if you must wait for hours on the border… If in fact you have to, your trips may be not as fast and comfortable as you have been thinking before to hit the road. But you can avoid the lines, as well as the slow moving in front of the kiosks for a customs check by using a special card. – The Nexus card!


When traveling with your family, friends or alone, you have to bring many documents that are different depending on how you have chosen to move: by car, by boat or by air. But there is one document that is valid for all kinds of movements and which you will be able to use independently from your decision regarding the transport…

Apply for NEXUS card if you do not have it and enjoy the trip! See that everything is much easier only if you become an owner of this amazing card. Make sure that the NEXUS program works for YOU – the citizens of the U.S. and Canada. Be one of the travelers who do know what it’s like to wait for hours on the lines for a customs check and who are not aware of the syndrome “nervous passenger”!

If you want to be a modern traveler, fill-in the application form for getting a NEXUS card and send it by email, as after that you have to follow two steps more that will take you to the final – the receiving of approval and respectively your NEXUS card! Enjoy it!