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House Cleaning Services in London

Published / by DrBrummy

Hey you! We know that you are hard working man or woman with a little free time. Today we want to point you in the direction of how to have a little bit more free time and be way more efficient for a small amount of money. If you are not interested in this topic of providing some free time for you and your closest ones, life family, friends, kids, then this article is just for you.

First of all the author of this article was just like you all, no time at all, living in the busiest city in Europe – London. I work like 8 hours, standard 9 to 5, and hour, hour and a half traveling from point A to point B it was big nightmare. But the biggest aspect of this nightmare that I have lived on for many years was that i am cleaning freak – I want everything to be cleaned and in order. So for year or two I clean myself the whole apartment, but when with my husband decided that we will get a house I said no more cleaning for me, this house is like 2 apartments in one, no way…

What to do? – We research for the best house cleaning services company that provide a lot of services to their customers, as you may think we stumble upon a disaster customer service and cleaning experience for the first 2-3 times. Then a friend of ours refer us to VIP Cleaning London, we are quite skeptical (and why shouldn’t we?)  We call them and … magic happened all was good, the service was good, the cleaning aspect of the service was quite nice, they use high end cleaning products and they were very careful with our belongings.  From that day on we use their services every week (sometimes more offten)

This week we will go on a vacation in Sozopol Bulgaria (did you know this place? – give us a feedback in the comments please!) And will do a full house cleaning (oven, carpet, clean it all!).

These services saved me hours of frustration cleaning the house and yes we are sure that the price is not for everyone, but still, can you put price on the free time, spend with your kids?

Thanks for reading, please tell us you opinion about Sozopol and VIP Cleaning London company (if you are using it currently)

Customized Paper and Plastic cups by Brendos

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We all use paper and plastic cups in our modern time. We use it for party, for coffee and tea (vending machines) and a lot of other places. So these kinds of cups are used every day by millions of people worldwide, right? If so, why not brand them and promote via them our projects and business? Even so, the vending companies (some of them huge with thousands of vending machines) are still using unbranded cups. Is that not a great opportunity for brand growing and brand awareness? In this article we try to cover this opportunity for you via our friends and partners, so let’s begin…

We strongly recommend looking for customized cups at Brendos.EU. They are highly efficient and effective. They will help you along the way – they will discuss with you your idea, give you feedback, then will make you beautiful design for plastic or paper cups, if you approve their design they will point you in touch with the right manufacturer that will make your cups cheap and good quality (and quantity). As we said they are pretty good partners in advertising and promotion, so stay in touch with them.

Customized cups are very good for advertising projects and business close to beverage and alcohol or caffeinated drinks. If you have a network of vending machines it is good opportunity for you to make extra money with partners of marketing agencies and their clients.  These is great idea for them and for you, execute it fast, so you can profit, till someone comes along and try to compete with you.

In conclusion we strongly recommend contact and start planning your next big thing in your campaign – customized cups (plastic or paper). We also recommend mixing this strategy for branding with Google and Facebook ads or even TV and radio ads, if you want an extra push in this direction.

Time is money and money is time so do not waste it, call them today and start your next big idea with this strategy.

Thanks for reading this article, our readers are the most important thing in our little blog, so if you have some ideas or something to add, or even if you disagree with us, leave a comment.

All best!

Looking for a reliable company to clean your yard, call VIP Cleaning London!

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To live in a house is wonderful, because we have lots of space inside our home and in front of it. We can make the yard available beautiful and a perfect place where to relax and to invite our friends as well. We can do many things outdoor, as in the same time to enjoy the lovely garden we have created for us and our family. To have a big house, or a smaller one, is a much better option than to live close together with the other members of the family. And that’s the point when buying a house – to feel comfortable and not to wonder where to go to stay alone with us for a while…

patio cleaning london

But do you know that the ownership of such a property requires a serious maintenance? – All the time and every single day! For example, you should clean regularly your yard, or the space in front of the door. In generally, you have two options at your disposal: to hire a cleaning company, or to clean daily your property by yourself. The first option sounds better, just because you will not be forced to grab the broom in order to remove the junk. Or to wonder how many buckets of water to pour to wash the tiles – whatever they are!

See cleaning services For London Click here and hire a professional team to clean your yard properly. Before calling such a company, make sure that in the yard there are not odds and ends and the terrain is clear. When the team is on site, they will not be able to remove the garbage. You must take care of this, so that to make the cleaning procedure easier and faster for implementation. If you skip this important detail and leave your yard in a miserable condition, do not expect great results, neither perfect ones. Think about this very carefully…

VIP Cleaning London can provide you with very good patio cleaning offer. In case you are looking for such services and for a long time you do not know how to proceed with your dirty yard, call them. Summer is an excellent reason to clean your yard to shine, as well as to make it a perfect beginning of your home. If you keep on the impressing home vision and are ready to do everything to achieve it, do not forget to clean inside and outside your house. With VIP Cleaning London!

Carpet cleaning? So easy!

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Do you love carpets? We think that they are beautiful, fluffy and giving a special energy in every home. We also think that without a carpet, every home is not as cozy as if the premises are covered with nice floorings. But how do you think – is it possible to enjoy pleasant place for habitation when the carpet is missing?


Of course, you may think that with or without a carpet, your home will always be your sweet home and nothing can change this… In both cases, you will live there and will feel excellent – do you have another choice? But to be honest, not the carpet makes our relaxation for being fulfilling. People we live together with are the main factor how we feel when at home!

Let’s say that you have several carpets in your home, love them and definitely are not ready to part with them soon… And you do not have to! The only thing you should do in order to enjoy them longer is to clean them regularly, thoroughly and why not even professionally? If you often rely on the last one, perhaps you’re a proud owner of perfectly maintained carpets and rugs? Do you use a carpet cleaning company london? Because we do and know what benefits this is giving us!

Well, to trust a cleaning company is a very good solution, especially when you have no time to clean like crazy every time when you notice that on the carpet there are many new spots! The moment of this “discovery” is very unpleasant, right? What is your first thought when you see dirt on your favorite carpet? To clean it immediately with materials at hand or to wait a little more until the professional cleaners come!

If your carpet or rug are expensive and you have spent lots of money to have them in your home, then forget about the single-handed cleaning and call cleaning company. Really, this is the best decision for you to make. Thus, you do not risk damaging the flooring, as the results will be exactly what you have always expected. – Good and even perfect!

Why you have to clean the carpet by yourself when there are so many good cleaning companies at your disposal? It will be a real madness if you start washing the carpets one by one… Just image this tragic scene and will agree that cleaning of the carpet is a job for the professionals. Just call them!

How to search names on the Internet?

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Names – they are everywhere. We meet them on the Internet, on business cards, in our phonebook and somewhere in our minds… Sometimes, we forget what the first or the last name of someone was and are trying to remember it at the top of our strength. – But unsuccessful!

In this case, we have two options: or to view all the notes where we’ve wrote our contacts in the past, or to hope to remember the name we are looking for. More often, the last one doesn’t work and we must find another way to get the contact we need.

name search

The standard procedure is to check in Facebook first, then in Google, Twitter and so on and so on. How do you think: whether all this will work? How many times you have found successful some person only by searching in the popular social media? For example, if you have a friend from the past named James, you can find hundreds of people with that name in Facebook. But which of them all is your friend? Probably you even do not remember his face…? is the web site that will help you find the people you are looking for. No matter whether these people are your distant acquaintances, or close friends from whom your life has moved you away, Checkthem is the best way for you to update the contacts with them and to enjoy the fastest Name search ever! By typing the name of the person you would like to find, or to get more information for him, you can see his address and even heritage too. The entire database for someone has never been easier to find with, so do not waste any more time and get in touch with both your friends and relatives you are looking for so long!

It’s great when we can achieve our goals – whatever they are. And when we more than everything want to hear and see someone, are ready for everything just to get in touch with him again! We even agree to travel thousands of kilometers in order to cop a sight of someone, but without having a clear idea of exactly where we are going… Not always the address is the same and there is no guarantee that the “wanted” person will be there as well. Do not travel long distances in vain and visit first. There you will find up-to-date information for millions of people, some of them you may know…

Cross the border with NEXUS!

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Everyone talks about the modern ways of traveling: nice cars, direct flights, transfers, luxury boats and so on… But most people forget about some very important detail during their trips – the border’s crossing! And even if they use the modern ways of traveling we have mentioned above, without fast crossing the border (passing the customs check), they wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy their trips and time with the family or friends as well! – Yes, it sounds a little bit pessimistic, but this is the true and you have to be aware that it is not enough you to only have a luxury car to travel really pleasant. You need something else – a NEXUS pass-card

Travels between Canada and the U.S. are very, very popular because of the locations of these gorgeous countries. As you know, they are quite close to each other and because of this, to get there for you will be very easy task. – Unless if you must wait for hours on the border… If in fact you have to, your trips may be not as fast and comfortable as you have been thinking before to hit the road. But you can avoid the lines, as well as the slow moving in front of the kiosks for a customs check by using a special card. – The Nexus card!


When traveling with your family, friends or alone, you have to bring many documents that are different depending on how you have chosen to move: by car, by boat or by air. But there is one document that is valid for all kinds of movements and which you will be able to use independently from your decision regarding the transport…

Apply for NEXUS card if you do not have it and enjoy the trip! See that everything is much easier only if you become an owner of this amazing card. Make sure that the NEXUS program works for YOU – the citizens of the U.S. and Canada. Be one of the travelers who do know what it’s like to wait for hours on the lines for a customs check and who are not aware of the syndrome “nervous passenger”!

If you want to be a modern traveler, fill-in the application form for getting a NEXUS card and send it by email, as after that you have to follow two steps more that will take you to the final – the receiving of approval and respectively your NEXUS card! Enjoy it!

The Perfect Cleaning solution is … a cleaning company.

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It would be perfect if we did not have to clean when we come back home from work, right? If we had a personal assistant who to help us make our homes clean, it could be awesome! But how many of us can afford such a pleasure? And even if we are able to pay for such a service, would we?

Isn’t it better to buy something for our home instead to spend money for cleaning? – Well, it is very logically the answer to be “yes”, but only if it is really necessary… If your home is well-furnished and doesn’t need to be repaired, to take advantage in the home services instead to buy unnecessary articles or devices is much better way for you to “refresh” your home!

We live in times where everybody strives for a good, economic status, as well as for making a lot of money… But do use our income in the best way possible? Probably, you are going to say “Yes, I have everything that I need” and we hope so!

Unfortunately, not everything in this live is material. We mean that if you have lots of money, but in the same time do not have enough time to share with your beloved ones, everything is senseless… And yes, let us assume that you have good incomes and are able to afford many amenities, but do you have a free time to pay attention to your family, or the only thing you are thinking about is work, work and work again?

Don’t worry, we’re all like this :).

Well, we have started our article with the matter of cleaning, simply because this activity takes us lots of time and not only that we are very busy during the day, but after work too! And you have the feeling that day by day your homework is increased, right? We understand very well this situation and sincerely sympathize with you – everybody is feeling this way…

But there is a solution! And there is a “light in the tunnel” that we are going to show you today.

A cleaning company – the best opportunity for you to get it over with the most boring part of your home’s cleaning! And if you still do not understand what we mean, just keep reading…

To hire a professional, cleaning company that to help you with your daily duties is frankly speaking perfect, but in the same time is а very flexible term. And it is not about the cleaning of your furnishings that are covered with dust, it is about the cleaning of the most difficult parts of your home: carpets, ovens, windows etc.

Most of you probably clean its carpets only with a vacuum cleaner, right? But did you know that this way of cleaning is extremely insufficient and the only thing you do is to remove the visible junks…?

Surely, you do not have time think in depth regarding this matter, but you should. If you have small kids who crawl on the floor all the time and put all that they found on the floor in their mouths, you are required to provide them with clean and safe environment! And the best way to do this is to wash your carpet often and very thoroughly. But is it possible to wash our floorings at home? – Well, isn’t and you have to looking for another way to do this…

Use a cleaning company! We highly recommend you to take advantage of the home services carried out by some professional and good in its job cleaning company. This will save you lots of time, many worries and unnecessary, negative emotions! And that is what we are talking about – to give yourself more free time, as well as to enjoy your home when it is already clean.

The carpet’s cleaning is very specifically procedure. You have to know many things before to start cleaning of your flooring. And still, if you have decided to wash your carpet by yourself, have in mind that it can be made by such a material that requires a special care. So, in case you have an expensive carpet and are wondering if you are able to wash it without using the services of cleaning company, stop wondering and trust the professionals! They know how to make your carpet like new, as well as which cleaners to use. And this is very important, because if you apply inappropriate detergents on your carpet, it is completely possible you to damage your favorite flooring… And you don’t to do that, right?

Another detail of your home that has to be cleaned from time to time is the mattress. This is the place where we spend 6-8 hours a day and sometimes even more… And if you sleep with your child, then the need of cleaning of your mattress even is increased!

The cleaning of the mattress is not like the cleaning of your carpet… It is much more difficult to wash our mattress, because there is no way to “hand out” it somewhere and to wait upon it’s completely dry… That is the reason why we need a professional help when it comes to washing of our mattress and the only way to clean it really good is to trust the professionals!

You can do this once a year, as that would be completely enough… So, do not hesitate at all and call some good cleaning company to make your mattress like new!! If you were thinking to buy а new mattress, because the old one you have is stained with spots and you even wanted to throw it, don’t do this and clean it by using the services of a cleaning company!

Well, probably you have already understood that to clean your home is not so terribly task, especially when on the market there are many good cleaning companies at your disposal. And as we said earlier, the home services will give you lots of free time that you can use as you wish.

Enjoy your and your family!

Bulgaria – Lead Destinations – See this!

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Bulgarian summer resorts are great! They are modern; they are attractive and offer endless possibilities for having fun and spending an excellent, summer vacation. Places you can visit during the summer season in Bulgaria are many and each of them has very good reputation! They will amaze you not only with its low prices and great tourist packages, but with the perfect conditions for recreation too – awesome beaches, excellent hotels, very good restaurants where you can enjoy tasty food, exciting night life etc.

What are you looking for when it comes to your summer holiday? – Beautiful, sandy beach? – A good hotel? – Or you want it all?

Well, most people wish the best for its long-waiting summer vacation… They dream of it during the whole year and are not inclined to make compromises. And that is normal, because everybody needs the best during this one week when he lives all the stress behind its back!

And when we pay lots of money to experience a pleasant stay, are also expecting to receive a good quality and to justify the means.

The holiday destination where you can spend an unforgettable family vacation or a romantic stay for two is the country of Bulgaria. This land is one of the most visited, attractive and impressing places in Europe when it comes to summer breaks and summer tourism. It has great location that makes it for being the perfect place not only for practicing of sea tourist but for spending a great winter vacation too!

And since we are on a “summer wave”, would like to pay attention to the summer resorts in Bulgaria and their specific characteristics (of each of them).

Well, first we would like start with the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria that is also famous like the hottest point along the Black Sea coast – Sunny Beach! We are sure that you know this place because hardly there is someone who doesn’t know it… It is very famous among the Britons, among the locals and among the Europeans at all. This incredible sea destination deservedly is ranked as the most visited place on the Balkan Peninsula due to the huge variety of good hotels, the abounding possibilities for having fun and the good establishments where you can spend a pleasant time while dining. And together with that Sunny Beach is the hottest spot when it comes to night life and recreation – many young people go to the resort to enjoy the impressing night life of Sunny Beach and to embark into a real night adventure as well!

In Sunny Beach you will have the chance to stay in a good hotel, to eat quality food and to be served in the best way possible. And the best thing of this entire picture is the attractive travel deals that you can get for early bookings! Yes, the huge discounts if you book your hotel now are real and the only thing you have to do is to choose a hotel and to make a reservation. Most of the accommodations in Sunny Beach will please you with discount of – 20 % and that could be a great chance for you even to save some money!

Beaches of Sunny Beach resort are great. There you can spend the whole day while relaxing on the sunbed and while enjoying the scorching sun. The water sports and attractions are also available and as soon as you want, will be able experience a real beach adventure! After your stay on the beach you can visit some of the beach bars nearby, or some of the restaurants located on first line just front of the beach (taverns). You can check out Croatia, Europe, Romania lead destinations.

Another place for you to visit when you have decided to spend your summer vacation in Bulgaria is the amazing city of Nessebar… This town is one of the oldest cities in Europe where can be seen many historical and cultural monuments. The plenty of impressing sights make Nessebar for being the most visited place when it comes to romantic breaks and if you are a fan of these types of holidays, this city will become your favorite place!

Nessebar will amaze you with its fabulous atmosphere, as the beauty you can see there will just conquer you… And when we said that the city is the perfect place for romantic holidays we had in mind all the incredible things that can be found there – the old houses that are still preserved in unique vision, the narrow cobbled streets, the many churches you can visit, the windmill between the old city and the new one, the cozy restaurants located just front of the sea etc.

Just like the most summer resorts along the Black Sea coast, Nessebar has a long list of good hotels where you can stay. And except that, you will be able to book a modern hotel and also to take advantage of great discounts – just like Sunny Beach resort!

In Nessebar there are both luxury hotels and guest rooms that you can hire for a week or more… And depending to your budget you can make a choice between more expensive hotels or more economical accommodations. But have in mind that whatever you choose, you will spend really pleasant vacation and you will not regret for anything!

Night life of Nessebar is also so good compared with that of Sunny Beach resort. Yes, this ancient city is more famous as a cultural destination, but still you can experience many exiting emotions by visiting some of the night clubs of Nessebar! The new city offers many possibilities for you to spend great time after the sun goes down, as well as to become a part of a real night adventure…

There are many other amazing summer resorts in Bulgaria. This country is highly developed as a summer destination and once when you go there will see for yourself why…  Over the past years, the country of Bulgaria became one of the most desired places among the holidaymakers and even attracts more and more tourists from all over the world! So, visit Bulgaria this summer and give yourself the best vacation ever!