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What are the European top destinations?

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Europe is the most visited destination all over the world. – But why? Why so many people choose the Old continent for their summer or winter vacations? Isn’t easier for the people who leave in the U.S. or even further just to visit some different and unknown state where to enjoy a pleasant time with the family? Why they have to tramp to such distant destination just for a week? – Is it worth it?

What a stupid question? – This is what we would say regarding the last one… Because Europe is gorgeous and there are located many wonderful countries that can make your family holiday unforgettable. And because we love to travel long – even that may takes lots of time! But does it really matter when we will see so much beauty. Has it a price?

Croatia – top destination is the first land we are thinking of when it comes to European vacations. This place can be ranked as the perfect option for all the traveling parents who are wondering where to take their children and how to make them happy. In the same time, this country is very cheap and in comparison with some other holiday destination outside the old continent, Croatia is quite budget-friendly destination!

the city of dubrovnik

If we have to recommend you where exactly to go when in Croatia and what sights to see as well, we can tell you interesting stories till the morning… As we told you, this land is rich of numerus magical places that not only worth visiting, but even is a must you to touch them! Try to see as many as possible cities in Croatia. Every of the towns within this beautiful land is memorable and strongly inspiring its visitors. You can go whenever it is, but the amazing energy around you will never leave you! Enjoy it!

Both the city of Dubrovnik and the Plitvice lakes National Park are the most attractive and visited places when it comes to holidays in Croatia. Make some try to visit both of them, as during your stay there take lots of photos! The beauty you will see, the people you will meet will make your vacation a real pleasure, as the inspiration you will get is indescribable… But you will make sure for yourself what it is about – when you go there and when you see the country of Croatia with your own eyes!

And one more thing – Split, Pula and Hvar are also places you have to see! Be sure that there you will be able to spend the same amazing vacation as if you go to Dubrovnik. Do not hesitate at all!

We are going to pay a little more attention to the city we have mentioned several times above. Of course, this is no other but Croatia Dubrovnik destination – the pearl of the Adriatic! – Our favorite town and not only for us. Millions of holidaymakers choose this place for their summer vacations, because of the amazing beach and scoring sun. Because of the abounding romance, friendly people and low prices as well. Because of the incredible energy…

We fully understand these people and just like them are completely convinced that the city of Dubrovnik is the ideal place for every family vacation. Since there are many reasons why you should go there at least in the next year, we decide to write this article. We want you to see that we have saw and to feel that we have felt. We also need to share with your our experience and impressions about Dubrovnik, as the first one of them is the city fortress walls – the most incredible sight of this ancient town! You have to start your city tour from there, as while walking don’t forget to take photos of the Adriatic. We know that you will remain breathless but try to focus and to capture every moment as well!

We recommend you to take some time and to go the main/central street of Stradun – famous as the marble street! Have a nice walk and enjoy the buildings around you. Do not hurry and see everything that is surrounding you – it is really amazing!

beach in bulgaria

If you have already been in Croatia, several times and even you go there every year, why you do not visit the country of Bulgaria? The land of roses is on the top of the list for so many people, as hardly there is someone who doesn’t know about this picturesque place! There you can go during the summer, when outside is a snowy winter and during the autumn – very suitable season for holidays. Since this place has many wonderful resorts (summer and winter), people from the next countries skip to Bulgaria for the weekend… The holidaymakers from UK or Ireland also choose this country when it is summer and they want to enjoy the beach!

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We can list all the sea or ski resorts in Bulgaria but have no time enough. Today we want to shortly present you the most visited European destinations without going into too many details…

In generally, Bulgaria is proud with three highly-developed winter resorts (Pamporovo, Bansko and Borovets) and little bit more summer ones. All they offer excellent conditions for the families with kids who are looking for calmness and lots of relaxation. In the same time they offer great opportunities for having fun you can enjoy even after the sun goes down… Yes, we mean the night life and the night clubs that everybody loves!

Bulgarian resorts are very cheap and family-friendly. Whenever you go in this land will enjoy amazing adventure and millions of positive moments. We advise you to go to some of the Bulgarian mountains where you can see many Natural treasures, many fairy villages that seem to belong to another world and wonderful nature. Places in Europe where you can see all that are just a few, so to miss the chance to visit Bulgaria now or during the autumn will be a real madness!

Enjoy Europe and visit some of the countries we have recommended you – Bulgaria or Croatia. We guarantee that you will have a perfect stay!

The country of Croatia – destination number one for summer holidays!

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Summer vacations are favorite for millions of holidaymakers and for us too! They give us the chance to fully enjoy the best time of year, as well as to experience numerous pleasant emotions and moments with our families. And if we had just one season, it would be unthinkable! Just image it and tell us what emotions you are feeling? Surely they are not very positive and that is completely normal…

Bur fortunately, in Europe there are 4 seasons and the lovely summer is one of them. Yes, this sunny season is the most waiting time of year when all people go somewhere for having a pleasant and even dynamic holiday – with friends, with the family or with the half.

Cheap holiday to Croatia

Together with the coming summer, the choice of beautiful destinations becomes larger and as opposed to the other seasons, during the summer we dispose with long list of incredible places to visit. But which summer resort to choice and where is most cheaply? Where to go for having the perfect family vacation and if we organize our vacation by ourselves, how to understand what to see and where are the most remarkable sights as well?

Well, we will inform you about everything of which you are exited and you have to trust us – is an amazing blog where you will get interesting information related to the tourism and to other live questions!

So… Let’s pay attention to one of the most beautiful and impressing countries in Europe – Croatia! Yes, it is really one of the most beautiful lands we have ever seen and even more – this amazing destination is hiding so many gorgeous places and resorts, that we can spend a month there without getting bored! And if you have not had the huge pleasure to visit Croatia so far, do it this summer. Or even spring?

From Dubrovnik to Zagreb and from the Plitvice Lakes to Hvar, the breathtaking views and sights you will see are hundreds, so do not be surprised if you have the strange feeling that you are fallen into the paradise! Everything is so unreal beautiful that even the most skeptical tourist will be impressed!

As a matter of fact, to make a choice where to go in Croatia is very difficult task. – And not only for you or us (the bloggers from, but for everyone. And here we can help you little by mentioning several very attractive and captivating places – keep reading and understand which they are!

Well, if you love to visit ancient cities where to enjoy historical sights and cultural monuments, then there are no two opinions that the city of Dubrovnik is your place!! This town is on the top of our list when it comes to summer holidays in Croatia not only due to the incredible landmarks you can see there, but due to the endless romance you can feel even in air! Yes, that’s right – all the romantics or lovers will fall in love with the city of Dubrovnik because literally every nook is beautiful and inviting you to touch it…

Except Dubrovnik, in Croatia there are many other romantic and historical towns that deserve your attention. Take for example the amazing Natural Park of Plitvice Lakes that has struck with its beauty and charm everyone who has ever been there! The waterfalls, the amazing lakes, the picturesque nature and the animals you can see are simply incredible and hardly there is someone who won’t be impressed by this wonderful place… Take some time and visit this marvelous park – you will remember it forever! Learn more about this magical place by visiting Balkan Holidays Youtube!

Everyone who for some reason has been in Croatia is a lucky man! And if you want to see this lovely land too, do not postpone and just do it – this year, this summer…

Dubrovnik is your chance to make your dreams come true… See why!

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Together with the upcoming summer season, all of us start looking for a beautiful destination that to visit… This is very important process, because everybody wants the best when it comes to summer breaks and to find a really amazing destination, sometimes is a very hard task!

But fortunately, there are many travel blogs where you can get an idea regarding your next summer holiday – where to go, how to reach the place you have chosen and what to do during your stay… And at this moment, you are in one of the best travel portals where will find lots of useful information and advices as regards to holidays –!

Croatia Dubrovnik

Summer destinations in Europe are many and you can completely get lost among the huge variety of resorts as well. But tell us, have you ever been on some place that is not only very beautiful, but very inexpensive too? And have you ever visited a country where every single city is a historical destination and well-developed for tourism? Well, if you haven’t but want very much to spend your summer vacation on such a place, then a summer vacation in the country of Croatia is your chance to make your dreams come true!

This wonderful land is on the top when it comes to beautiful and cheap destinations.  And the city of Dubrovnik is a proof that actually there are many fairy places around the world – you just have to know where and how to find them!

Well, Dubrovnik is a place that millions of people visit for having a wonderful time on the beach, but in the same time to enjoy the historical and cultural sights that the city is hiding. And if you are one of these holidaymakers that are keen on stories for battles, princesses and the distant pass, then a summer vacation in Dubrovnik will give you the memorable moments and emotions you are looking for!

The old town of Dubrovnik is the most beautiful part of the city… There can be seen varied landmarks, ancient buildings and dramatic sceneries that can just take your breath away…

And if you want to go to some romantic place where to spend a one-week vacation with your half, Dubrovnik is not only the perfect destination, but probably the only one in Europe where can be found so much beauty in one place! Keep this in mind and see more pictures of the city on the Internet – thus, you will convince yourself of our words!

Dubrovnik is a holiday destination that combines great beach, excellent hotels and restaurants, as well as perfect conditions for having lots of fun and recreation… It is one of the few places that offer to its visitors all the necessary for a varied and exciting summer holiday, as well as many opportunities for you to learn interesting facts about the country of Croatia and Dubrovnik as well. Do you know another place that to offers such diversity?

Both the history and the culture of Dubrovnik are very interesting and you can even feel the energy of the past by walking along the down town of the old city… The marble streets, the amazing buildings, as well as all the museums and churches will contribute to your unique, inwardly sensation and will make you feel as you are in a fairy tale!

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Beach in Dubrovnik is gorgeous, as well the small, cozy restaurants around the seacoast… Try the delicious, local cuisine and enjoy the picturesque, sea views of the Adriatic. And while dining, you will have the pleasure to experience a full range of pleasant emotions that will caress your senses…

Summer holidays in Croatia – First Post – Comment and Share!

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Summer holidays are great opportunity to have fun and relax after the intense working year. Most of us expect the summer season in order to go somewhere where to enjoy all the benefits that this lovely time of year provides… And if someone tells us that doesn’t love the summer, we won’t believe him! Hardly there is a holidaymaker who doesn’t love beautiful destinations that to visit when the sun is shining and when the weather outside allows us to enjoy varied outdoor activities…

Actually, summer destinations in Europe are so many and diverse that wherever you go, you ca spend a pleasant and fulfilling vacation with your family. But, there are just few places that combine beauty, good prices and excellent conditions for recreation and that can amaze you every time when you visit them…

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One of these places is the country of Croatia and we are proud that we have been there! Probably, this wonderful land is the most beautiful place on the Balkan Peninsula and that is the reason why the number of holidaymakers who visit Croatia is increased year after year…

Things you can see in this captivating land are hundreds, so you can spend an unlimited time in Croatia – every day will be memorable, exciting and unique! And here we want to point out that a one-week vacation in this country won’t be enough for you to enjoy it fully (we know that for sure, because we have been there many times and definitely we can stay in Croatia even for month).

There are many tourist agencies that offer round tours in Croatia as the tourist programs include visiting of several more famous cities and their sights. But if you prefer to organize your summer holiday in Croatia by yourself, don’t like organized trips and would like to make own research on the Internet, you are on the right place! Here you will find an interesting information about Croatia and many useful guidelines that we want to share with more people and that are as a result of our personal experience with travels.

Well, when it comes to holidays in Croatia, most people think of the city of Dubrovnik. This gorgeous town is truly amazing and that is the reason why it presents in every tourist program and is integral part of every tour in Croatia! There you can see many impressing sights and views, as well as plenty of old churches, ancient houses, beautiful monasteries and incredible architectural styles (Baroque, Gothic tec.).

Being in Dubrovnik, you must go to the city walls where you can learn more about the country’s history, as well as to enjoy a lot of dramatic sceneries that will take your breath away with its beauty and picturesque! Enjoy this part of the city and take lots of photos!

Dubrovnik is hiding a huge treasure – the Old City… This is our favorite place in the town and every time we visit it again greatly excited! By walking along the old town of Dubrovnik, you will embark into a real fairy adventure…

This incredible city is more than perfect for all lovers who wish to spend a romantic time among beautiful environment, as well as to enjoy each other surrounded by powerful energy and peaceful atmosphere! So if you have someone by your side who you love and want to make him/her happy, a holiday in Dubrovnik will be the best present possible!

Another place for you to visit in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is located between Zadar and Zagreb and definitely you have to see it! It is one of the most popular attractions in the country as thousands of holidaymakers go there to enjoy its beauty. There you will see 16 lakes that are situated in magnificent, dense forests and are interconnected by gorgeous waterfalls. Except the wonderful nature you can enjoy in this amazing Park, there can be also seen varied animal species like: wolves, deer, bears and many beautiful birds…

Plitvice Lakes National Park is open for visitors throughout the year, as during the summer season the working time is extended. The tickets are very cheap and everybody will be able to visit this magnetic place – as long as he wants.

Being in the National Park, you will have the great chance to take a walk along the numerous eco-paths and interesting routes. Thus, you can see more of that fairy place as well as to fully enjoy this natural wonder! Feel the spirit of this gorgeous place and have lots of relaxation.

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, as this city is also worthy to be seen. It is a center of the history and the science, but together with that is highly developed in the field of trade and industry too. This wonderful city has an active life and offers to the locals and the tourists excellent opportunities for having fun and cultural experiences. Zagreb is also one of the most visited destinations in Eastern Europe, as millions of holiday lovers visit the town to enjoy its beauty and big variety of romantic spots, cozy cafes, nice shops, theaters, museums and galleries! There also are many lovely parks where you can take a rest for a while and to enjoy the peaceful environment around you.

Zagreb combines the modern with the ancient and if you want to spend your holiday there, you will be able to have one of the most unforgettable vacations ever!

On the whole, the beautiful country of Croatia is ranked on the top places in attendance and still continues it’s developing as a tourist destination. Over the past years, the tendency in the holidaymakers is to choose the alternative tourism and places where it is quiet and suitable for relaxation of full value.

Croatia offers all that we have mentioned and even more. And you can go to this amazing land not only during the summer but during the spring or autumn too – we leave the choice to you!

Enjoy Croatia and share with us your impressions, emotions and experiences. We will be very glad to hear from you!