Cleaning services London – Fridge and Freezer professional cleaning

Great day to you dear reader! Today we want to cover new cleaning service, which we found out recently in one of the leading cleaning sites out there – fridge cleaning / freezer cleaning.

Why we would care about the clean state of our fridge? – Well you have to maintain very good hygiene in the greatest food storage in our lives, don’t you agree? If you do not clean you fridge well and at least once in 1 to 3 months you are risking to grow bacteria, that your food may absorb and then you absorb while eating. If you consume a lot of these bacteria you may develop some sort of a disease or illness. As you brush your teeth every morning and evening, your fridge should be cleaned regularly.

Where you can find this kind of cleaning service and to know that they will do the job professionally and you will know that you can trust the work they did? – Well you can search for Vip Cleaning Services London and find their site.

After cleaning your fridge they will remove any smells and types of bacteria. They use special deep disinfection cleaning products and this will sterilize the fridge/freezer bacteria free and ready for your food.

Important note is that you have to turn off the fridge for at least 24 hours and your freezer at least 48 hours. The team of cleaners needs the fridge to be empty and completely defrosted. It is good to know that the fridge cover, according to other leading cleaning sites in London needs a different kind of attention in terms of cleaning it.

What is the price of this kind of service?

Well we did not find exactly how much will cost you, but we found that the prices start from £29.99 and may vary depending of your fridge/freezer size.


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