Do you need Property Maintenance or Management Company

Property maintenance companies are good partners of any rental property owner. They keep track of everything important regarding real estate – from pest control to design and fitting kitchen and bathrooms. It is good to have one, professional firm at your site, they will oversee everything and you will have time to focus on other important tasks.
We’re gonna cover some of the services that these companies provide and why they are important.

What services a good property maintenance company covers

The services are quite broad, but in essence they cover the usual problems in regard to the asset. Here are some of them:

  • pest control – mice, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, wasps – you name it the firm will exterminate them. It is important to know that you can prevent their appearance in the first place;
  • waste removal – a very important service if you are making reconstruction or removing old furniture. You need some heavy lifting in that cases and a good real estate maintenance company will cover you;
  • kitchen and bathroom fitting – when it comes down to these two room fitting is key metric for good performance. Floor have to be well arranged, the appliances good picked and the design perfect;
  • painting and decorating – you need to refresh your property once in a while. New paint, new decor, new vibe may up the cashflow you can get from that property. If you choose good firm to maintenance your building you will get that also;
  • furniture assembly – simple and necessary. Bad assembly can resolve to breaching the warranty of the furniture, unable to use it or just completely breaking it. Do not risk with that, it may look simple, but it is not;
  • handyman – you will need a handyman at some point, this is a fact. Company that does not have that service does not deserve to be even looked at as a potential partner. There is no compromise here;
  • gardening – well trending thing in the Wigan area. This service is essential for any serious landlord that want to maximise the rent he is getting out;

If you are located in Wigan we strongly recommend property maintenance Wigan company Two Lions 11 LTD. They are very strict and professional to all clients no matter big or small. Give them a call.

How to find a proper firm for all these services

First of all you need to speak with local firms. Local companies have the knowledge of the area, its specifics and the best team to work with. Second you have to talk with landlords and tenants about some recommendations or feedback if you have a favourite that you choose. Third and most important – read the papers. No matter what they tell you, no matter who you are talking to, papers are papers – you need to read them carefully and understand the terms that you are signing.

What are the important questions that i have to ask myself when comes down to maintenance agreement 

Here are some good questions that will give you a head start:

  • What are the fees and when do you pay them?
  • Is there an exit clause, if you do not like the service?
  • Is everything clearly spelled out in the contract, if it is not, do not sign it.
  • Is there a monthly management fee apart from maintenance?

We wish you good luck and tell us what you find more in the comments.