What emergency measures to take when we have rats in our home

The presence of rats at home is extremely disturbing. And not only because of their appearance, but also because of the risk of infections they carry with their arrival. They are just some dangerous pests and are not welcome in our home – their place is outside, as the professional rat pest control will help this happen. In a city like London, this animal species is among the most common, making the fight against them eternal.

Rats can appear both at home and in warehouses and even shops. If this actually happens, then the problem is big, so big that a team of healers must be called urgently to take care of the elimination of pests. The procedure is performed quickly and the elimination of the infection is for a long time. This will provide comfort for the property owners who certainly do not want to live in the company of such a species that can only harm in different ways.

What is important to know about rats and how we can get rid of them forever

Контрол на черни плъхове
black rat

They are big; they carry diseases and can disturb our peace in many ways. This is exactly what makes their elimination mandatory – it is unthinkable to live in their company because they are a source of infections and should be eliminated as soon as possible. Rats are a very hardy species; in very aggressive conditions, as this makes them difficult to remove and resistant to wide range of chemicals.

Their presence is so dangerous that they can even cause fires, why they gnaw everything, including gas pipelines. This is disastrous to business and household property especially if they sneak into places like public kitchens, restaurants, etc. Rats have lived in the past, they live with us today. Their dimensions can reach up to 20 cm which is a significant size requiring serious treatment. Even at the first signs that there is a rat at home, we need to call the professionals who will find the right solution for us.

What the treatment involves

Контрол на кафявите плъхове в Лондон
brown rat

No matter whether it is low or higher degree of infection, treatment should be conducted – a mandatory condition in the presence of rats! If we don’t do what is needed, the infection will become larger, and this will not be good at all… The elimination of rats involves several stages, which are as follows:

  • Contact with the team of specialists to clarify the details and then the treatment methods;
  • Visit to the property by a specialist and then choose a method of treatment;
  • After the initial examination is performed, the extent of the infection is determined, which may vary;
  • Choose the best possible way to eliminate the infection that has so far has been an obstacle to our comfort and a full way of life;
  • The treatment is carried out with professional products, including traps, which we do not have available and that is exactly what makes the professional rat pest control so needed;
  • Additional care is also a very important stage of the procedure which “confirms” the results and contributes to the prevention against this type of pest.

An extremely important detail of the treatment of rats is the monitoring and analysis of the infection, its degree and main source. Finding out the reasons for their presence, as well as the place they have chosen as their “home”. It is important to know that rats like to gnaw everything, but eat mostly with cereals. They are active at night and the most common signs of their presence are feces, urine, traces of eaten furniture and other interior components. It is right to eliminate the rats in the very beginning, so that the infection does not spread even further.