Go to Golden Sands, Bulgaria and see the world with different eyes!

If you love the gold, surely you will fall in love with Golden Sands, Bulgaria on first sight… This place is like a real oasis in the middle of nowhere because of its picturesque nature, nice beach and kind people! Of course the last one was only a comparison, that we used to describe what an amazing place is the summer resort of Golden Sand! So, do not think that it is located in the desert, neither in some dense forest where you cannot see any people…

The amazing resort of Golden Sands is located along the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and is one of the most popular, visited and preferred sea destination in this country. There you can find great conditions for recreation, having fun and beaching, as the prices are not only low, but even extremely low (nowhere else in Europe you couldn’t find such prices)! And if at this point you are looking for a summer destination, that to visit during your leave, this article may help you find it – this place can be Golden Sands…

Golden Sands Holiday

Golden Sands is different than the other sea resorts in Bulgaria and along the Black Sea coast due to several reasons: location, prices, family-friendly conditions, many entertainments and amazing nature! Yes, it may sounds too good to be true, but it is and if you want to make sure – just go to Golden Sands this summer and see that such fairy places really exist!

The best time to go to Golden Sands is now – the summer season… Still, it is a sea destination and all holidaymakers go there when outside is hot and when they are able to enjoy the beach. Except this, you can go there with you kids because in the resort there are many entertainments for them, so that they to have lots of fun and to spend numerous exciting moments as well.

Golden Sands is one of these places that worth visiting even several times – every summer, or why not several times per season…! The choice is yours :). And when speaking about this amazing summer destination, we must mention the lovely Natural park of Golden Sands – a protected territory by the low of Bulgaria that is actually the biggest attraction in this area. You will have the chance to enjoy not only the beautiful Black Sea, but picturesque and very impressing forest. So, what are you waiting for – Golden Sands is just for you! Go there and enjoy it!