House Cleaning Services in London

Hey you! We know that you are hard working man or woman with a little free time. Today we want to point you in the direction of how to have a little bit more free time and be way more efficient for a small amount of money. If you are not interested in this topic of providing some free time for you and your closest ones, life family, friends, kids, then this article is just for you.

First of all the author of this article was just like you all, no time at all, living in the busiest city in Europe – London. I work like 8 hours, standard 9 to 5, and hour, hour and a half traveling from point A to point B it was big nightmare. But the biggest aspect of this nightmare that I have lived on for many years was that i am cleaning freak – I want everything to be cleaned and in order. So for year or two I clean myself the whole apartment, but when with my husband decided that we will get a house I said no more cleaning for me, this house is like 2 apartments in one, no way…

What to do? – We research for the best house cleaning services company that provide a lot of services to their customers, as you may think we stumble upon a disaster customer service and cleaning experience for the first 2-3 times. Then a friend of ours refer us to VIP Cleaning London, we are quite skeptical (and why shouldn’t we?)  We call them and … magic happened all was good, the service was good, the cleaning aspect of the service was quite nice, they use high end cleaning products and they were very careful with our belongings.  From that day on we use their services every week (sometimes more offten)

This week we will go on a vacation in Sozopol Bulgaria (did you know this place? – give us a feedback in the comments please!) And will do a full house cleaning (oven, carpet, clean it all!).

These services saved me hours of frustration cleaning the house and yes we are sure that the price is not for everyone, but still, can you put price on the free time, spend with your kids?

Thanks for reading, please tell us you opinion about Sozopol and VIP Cleaning London company (if you are using it currently)