If you have no idea where to go next winter, click here and learn more about Borovets, Bulgaria!

At this moment, probably you are very busy to look for summer destinations where to take your family or beloved one. And to the think about winter holidays surely is the last thing that comes to your mind… Still, do not belittle this kind of vacations because the summer season is only 3 months and very soon you will have to decide where to spend your ski holiday!

Do not leave things for the last minute and be prepared for winter season 2017/18. Let’s your family vacation on the mountain be early planned and organized before the winter comes. That is really important considering the bustle of Christmas and New Year’s Eve when to think about your ski vacation is your last priority…

If you have no idea where to go next winter, but love to ski, stay here and forget for a while about the summer holidays. Today you are going to learn which is one of the most suitable for family vacations winter resort and what to expect when you get there!

Borovets – one of the most visited ski resorts in Bulgaria. One of the most beautiful mountain destinations in Europe and a leading tourist destination for millions of ski lovers! This is our proposal for you today and you definitely have to go there this year. – Or the next one! See off season borovets information!

If you believe that every ski vacation has to be like a snowy fairy tale, then you must visit Borovets. It is a place where you will find not only abounding beauty, but many entertainments too. There are located lots of modern hotels and restaurants, while the ski runs are simply amazing. Suitable for all kind of skiers, the ski slopes of Borovets are several types: for first-timers, for intermediate and for professionals! Depending to your skills, you will be able to practice this exciting sport by visiting the special for your level slope, as if you need an additional training, you can get it by taking advantage of the services that the ski school offers. The last one is a perfect option for all the children who have no experience in skiing and who want to be just like their parents – experienced and confident!

Every ski vacation in Borovets is a great opportunity to see the amazing nature of Bulgaria. It is picturesque and when outside is snowy, the beauty you will see is simply breathtaking. Take lots of photos and do not forget to take a walk around the area of Borovets… If you love to enjoy lovely landscapes, then Borovets will give you this chance!