The country of Croatia – destination number one for summer holidays!

Summer vacations are favorite for millions of holidaymakers and for us too! They give us the chance to fully enjoy the best time of year, as well as to experience numerous pleasant emotions and moments with our families. And if we had just one season, it would be unthinkable! Just image it and tell us what emotions you are feeling? Surely they are not very positive and that is completely normal…

Bur fortunately, in Europe there are 4 seasons and the lovely summer is one of them. Yes, this sunny season is the most waiting time of year when all people go somewhere for having a pleasant and even dynamic holiday – with friends, with the family or with the half.

Cheap holiday to Croatia

Together with the coming summer, the choice of beautiful destinations becomes larger and as opposed to the other seasons, during the summer we dispose with long list of incredible places to visit. But which summer resort to choice and where is most cheaply? Where to go for having the perfect family vacation and if we organize our vacation by ourselves, how to understand what to see and where are the most remarkable sights as well?

Well, we will inform you about everything of which you are exited and you have to trust us – is an amazing blog where you will get interesting information related to the tourism and to other live questions!

So… Let’s pay attention to one of the most beautiful and impressing countries in Europe – Croatia! Yes, it is really one of the most beautiful lands we have ever seen and even more – this amazing destination is hiding so many gorgeous places and resorts, that we can spend a month there without getting bored! And if you have not had the huge pleasure to visit Croatia so far, do it this summer. Or even spring?

From Dubrovnik to Zagreb and from the Plitvice Lakes to Hvar, the breathtaking views and sights you will see are hundreds, so do not be surprised if you have the strange feeling that you are fallen into the paradise! Everything is so unreal beautiful that even the most skeptical tourist will be impressed!

As a matter of fact, to make a choice where to go in Croatia is very difficult task. – And not only for you or us (the bloggers from, but for everyone. And here we can help you little by mentioning several very attractive and captivating places – keep reading and understand which they are!

Well, if you love to visit ancient cities where to enjoy historical sights and cultural monuments, then there are no two opinions that the city of Dubrovnik is your place!! This town is on the top of our list when it comes to summer holidays in Croatia not only due to the incredible landmarks you can see there, but due to the endless romance you can feel even in air! Yes, that’s right – all the romantics or lovers will fall in love with the city of Dubrovnik because literally every nook is beautiful and inviting you to touch it…

Except Dubrovnik, in Croatia there are many other romantic and historical towns that deserve your attention. Take for example the amazing Natural Park of Plitvice Lakes that has struck with its beauty and charm everyone who has ever been there! The waterfalls, the amazing lakes, the picturesque nature and the animals you can see are simply incredible and hardly there is someone who won’t be impressed by this wonderful place… Take some time and visit this marvelous park – you will remember it forever! Learn more about this magical place by visiting Balkan Holidays Youtube!

Everyone who for some reason has been in Croatia is a lucky man! And if you want to see this lovely land too, do not postpone and just do it – this year, this summer…