Top 2019 fashion shoes are actually borrowed from your granny

Here’s what you need to realize and remember for life, dear fashion girls: fashion trends actually don’t change, but simply alternate. There’s one bunch of fashion tendencies designers know (including as to fashion shoes) and chronologically replace in their lines, collections and runaway shows.

So don’t you dare get amused by all those weird fashion shoes you will see round the whole year. As indeed, the top 2019 fashion shoes are actually borrowed from your granny. Here’s what we, as a matter of fact, mean:

  1. Large toes, but by saying large, we truly mean fashion shoes with extremely big toes! These could be seen only in your old family’s photography album and to be more specific on the last page, where your granny’s wedding was added.
  2. The simple brown laced boots made of genuine leather – oh, that’s another fashion shoes from 2019 year, which though comes back from past (from 1960s if we’ve got to be more concrete). Don’t get upset they’re not as original as you wish them to be. Better be happy you can mix this pair of fashion shoes with everything (including extra ordinary) from your wardrobe.
  3. Now, let’s talk about kitties…Ok, most of you must understand we don’t mean your granny’s nock of cats, but the female shoes with kitty heel. This fashion trend is cool for office girls that actually cannot stand wearing their stiletto heels anymore. We actually appreciate this granny shoes trend, no doubt.
  4. Suede fashion boots with beads – anyone? Actually, they should be ordered from all of you not because they are extra stable, universal for various clothing mixtures and extremely elegant regardless the shining elements, but also because we love the idea wearing a pair of shoes that combines an old-fashioned trend from your granny’s time with the spirit of your teenage daughter’s life.

And remember – these are only fashion trends and calling your granny to ask her to give you all of her old-school boots and sandals might not be the best idea. Trends are only parts of the design, they do not represent the idea of copy paste. Please, keep this in mind and you will keep yourself away of wearing a whole circus on your body this year.